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We can all recall that amazing night in a live music venue. Lost in the groove, time slips away; it’s just you, the music, and the magic. That is the intention of Irish Rock Band Blue Moose in every venue show. Hit after hit, we aim to elevate your night out into something special, entertaining, and memorable.

And oh, the surprises! From rock anthems to soulful ballads. They read the crowd, adapt, and keep you guessing. Maybe it’s a forgotten ’80s hit or an unexpected twist on a modern favourite. Whatever it is, you’re hooked.

So next time you see “Blue Moose Live,” clear your calendar. Bring your friends, your dancing shoes, and an open mind. Because when the lights dim and the music swells, you’ll understand: this is more than a band—it’s an invitation to lose yourself, find yourself, and create memories that echo long after the final note fades.


Corporate Bookings

Where professionalism meets performance, offering a seamless blend of musical mastery and event expertise, Blue Moose is your go-to for corporate event entertainment As Irelands best cover band, we provide a vibrant tapestry of genres designed to cater to the diverse tastes of your distinguished guests. From timeless classics that evoke nostalgia to contemporary hits that get feet tapping, Blue Moose’s music selection is as varied as it is enthralling.

But it’s not just about the music. Blue Moose brings a full suite of professional-grade lighting and sound equipment, ensuring a turnkey solution for your event’s entertainment needs. The bands self-sufficiency in technical setup means you can focus on your guests and objectives while they handle the ambiance.

Moreover, with Blue Moose, you can rest assured that every aspect of their performance is backed by full insurance coverage, reflecting their commitment to professionalism and reliability. Blue Moose are a band that understands the nuances of corporate events and strives to enhance your event, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Known as a rock party band and an alternative band and a pop band Blue Moose have you covered, providing lively and engaging performances. They are a top choice for corporate band entertainment bringing energy and charisma to any live music event.

Choose Blue Moose for your corporate booking and experience the ultimate in entertainment and professionalism. They serve various locations, making Blue Moose one of the most sought-after party bands all over Ireland including Munster, Connaught, Leinster and Ulster.

Contact Blue Moose today to ensure your corporate event is a night to remember with the best corporate event band Ireland has to offer.


With a wink to the ever-unpredictable Irish weather, Blue Moose promises to be the rainbow after the rain, bringing warmth and energy that outshines even the sunniest day. Their crowd interaction is second to none; they don’t just perform, they engage—making every attendee feel like part of the show.

For smaller events, Blue Moose is the epitome of self-sufficiency. Their state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment stand ready to turn any space into a concert-worthy venue. And when it comes to larger events, Blue Moose’s professionalism shines as brightly as their stage presence. They’re seasoned pros at working hand-in-hand with stage and event staff, ensuring a seamless integration into your festival’s flow.

Easy to work with and hard to forget, Blue Moose’s dedication to festival entertainment is matched only by their commitment to making every festival moment as special as the last. Book Blue Moose, and let the good times roll—come rain or shine!

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